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Evolutionist are quick to use the terms "adaptation" and "evolution" interchangeably.

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Evolution or adaptation/functioning as it was originally created? While creationist do not deny adaptation, an amazing ability God gave to His creation to adapt to its environment, evolutionist are quick to label everything "adaptation" because they think it helps their argument for evolution. Furthermore, as we see here, for the same reason. (If they use the term "evolution" often enough, people will believe it without question, which is what they have been doing now for a very long time).

"In all kingdoms of life, extreme habitats drive adaptive change to enable species to exploit challenging environments...The naked mole-rat has evolved the ability to use fructose to fuel vital organs such as the heart and brain under near-anaerobic conditions." We may see an example of adaptation in the naked mole-rat, we definitely see an amazing example of God's complex creation, we do not see evolution.

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