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Opinion 2020 Election Fraud

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

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What are the odds that Joseph Robinette Biden even came close to winning the 2020 presidential election? Well, we will leave that to the statistical analysts but many of them are saying slim to none, while the corrupt court system, politicians, news and social media insist that "there is no evidence..." The fact is, it really isn't rocket science! However, the Left knows that if they repeat something often enough and matter-of-factly, that people will begin to believe it. In fact, that is the method that they used to get the "theory" of evolution and other untruths accepted. And unfortunately it usually works because we have been conditioned to not question them. And anyone that does question them is attacked and characterized as ignorant, or in this case, labeled a "conspiracy theorist." Think about it. Hillary Clinton was so confident that she would win in 2016 that she took Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for granted. The Democrats thought that they had stolen the election in 2016 but Donald Trump took them by surprise. They totally underestimated him, and Hillary was devastated! They cheated but they did not cheat enough and they were not about to make that mistake again. The problem is they got greedy. They cheated so well that they got control of all three branches of government. Something that is especially difficult to believe given Trump's popularity and success! Something that is also difficult to believe because Biden hardly campaigned while Donald Trump held rallies rivalled only by rock stars. In 2016 Donald Trump secured the vote of most Republicans, independents and even some Democrats. The voters that voted for him in 2016 had no reason not to vote for him in 2020. He had far exceeded everyone's expectations. The "never Trumpers" that did not vote for him in 2016 now had no reason to not vote for him in 2020. In fact, Trump policies were so successful that the Republican Party is now more diverse than ever! So, how could he lose? Of course the Left would not vote for him but his base, which only grew over the last four years, would. Most "never Trumpers" would (because he proved them wrong) and the Democrats and Independents that voted for him in 2016 would have no reason not to vote for him in 2020. So that leaves only two possibilities. One, the election was stolen, or two, Trump's personality and style were so abrasive that many people either voted for Biden or did not vote at all. But of course, given that Biden (supposedly) received so many votes, we can conclude that voters did not abstain from voting for either candidate. Which would be the most likely scenario given the contrast between the policies of the two candidates. So, did voters that voted for Trump in 2016, not vote for him in 2020 because of his "abrasive" personality and style? Hardly, Donald Trump connects with the working class and he fought hard for them. And they know that! The only ones that did not like him were the ones that worked for four years to destroy him (and their base). So why would so many people vote for Joseph Robinette Biden? A candidate who barely has a personality at all (let alone an abrasive personality). A candidate who barely campaigned (likely because he knew he did not have to). A candidate that defended the likes of Antifa (claiming it is an idea, not an organization). A candidate that has said that he would "defund" the police (during a time when some Democratic cities looked like war zones). The answer is, they wouldn't. The only voters that would vote for Joseph Robinette Biden are the anti-God, anti-truth, anti-life haters on the Left. The election was stolen and anyone that is willing to question the corrupt court system, corrupt politicians and corrupt media can see that. The problem is, we all just want to live our lives and not be bothered with the unthinkable. And that would be fine if it were just "our" lives. But it's not. It's our children's lives and our grandchildren's lives that we have got to think about! We can no longer look the other way and hope for the best. So, what can we do? First of all, don't dismiss statements like "the court system is corrupt" and "the national news and social media are corrupt" and there is "corruption in the government branches and agencies" as being conspiratorial. Open your eyes and know that the unthinkable is now sadly thinkable! Listen to what the biased media is saying. Better yet, don't listen to them at all or at least question what they are saying. You have heard the evidence that the election was stolen (unless, all you listen to is ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and lately even Fox). If so, you likely have not heard the evidence! Do your homework, this is too important not to! The evidence is overwhelming and it blows my mind to hear "there is no evidence." Speak up! Don't go along to get along. Don't be concerned about being labeled as a conspiracy theorist. And don't let the 2020 stolen election become yesterday's news. We cannot let them bury the truth. It's not enough to say we'll fix it for the next election. We have to fix this now! Think about it, Donald Trump went to Washington to "drain the swamp" and the swamp has spent the last four years trying to destroy him! Everything they have accused him of is a lie. In fact, the things they accuse him of are the very things that they are guilty of. For example, instead of Trump and Russia, it is in fact, Biden and China! Certainly China and Iran (both accused of 2020 election interference) have a lot to gain with a Biden win! The 2020 election was stolen and if you don't think so, you have got to ask yourself why you cannot see it! Chances are, you simply don't want to see it. You have got to open your eyes and you have got to help your family and friends to see it! We cannot let the left bury this and we cannot accept it! It may already be too late.


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