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Opinion - Facts Don't Matter to Racist

JC One - 04/24-2021

MSNBC Has Truly INSANE Take on Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting

Dinesh D'Souza Published April 23, 2021

"No black person is really, truly going to be safe if we cannot be having a bad day."

RumbleApparently there are no situations where police should ever use force against black people.

LeBron James did not wait for the facts before Tweeting a threat to this police officer. That's because facts don't matter to racist.


Newsmax TV Published April 23, 2021

"He's talking about facts vs. fiction."

That's because Fact's don't matter to racist.

RumbleNBC News was caught red-handed editing out a crucial detail in the Ma'Khia Bryant 911 call.

Here's What the REAL Victim in the Ma'Khia Bryant Situation Had to Say

Dinesh D'Souza Published April 22, 2021

"She came after me..." with a knife.

RumbleThis girl was the real victim.

FACT: You cannot accuse an officer of racism for shooting one "black" to save another "black"

FACT: The Columbus police officer is a hero

FACT: There is only one race (the human race) with different shades of color

FACT: The Left, the Democrats, the "MSM" and big tech want to divide us

FACT: The Left, the Democrats, the "MSM" and big tech project their own racism onto us

FACT: Facts don't matter to racist

Be sure to #backtheblue Thank a police officer today!



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