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Opinion - Why Does God Hide From Us?

Dinesh D'Souza Published February 23, 2021

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RumbleWhy does God "hide" from us if he wants a relationship with us? The hiddenness of God is a boost to atheists and a puzzle to religious believers. Here I offer a rationale for it.

Dinesh, please do not confuse my “thoughtfulness” for criticism. I know it is easy for me to critique everything you say... I appreciate that you cause me to (at least try) to ponder these things.

Having said that: Very well stated but you seem to be issuing a “disclaimer” about whether or not the account of the fall is literal/historical or metaphorical (i.e., “this is what others say but I am not saying one way or the other”) and then you go on to say that “the historical question is a little secondary.” You also seem to be using the terms “literal” and “historical” interchangeably.

First of all, I believe that Scripture is always historically accurate (i.e., it is a historical record). But I do not believe it is always literal (e.g., Jesus used hyperbole to teach certain truths). So I don't believe the two terms are interchangeable. I also believe that when Scripture is “metaphorical” it is (without question) very obvious. Scriptures like “I am the bread of life...” and “You are the salt of the earth” are clearly metaphors. However, when we allow for the possibility that Scripture (like the account of the fall of mankind) is a metaphor, we are opening it up to very broad interpretations. I would argue that when it is questionable (whether or not Scripture is being “literal” or metaphorical) we should take it to be literal.

So, secondly, I believe the “historical” (or if you prefer, literal) “question” is primary and I believe that we need to be unapologetic about whether or not we believe that a serpent or donkey, for example, could speak. By the way, an atheist will not only criticize us for believing the “story” about the fall, they are already critical that we believe any part of the Bible. So I don't think we should be concerned what an atheist thinks... I would add that “a long Christian history” does not validate a belief and even the Church Fathers got it wrong from time to time.

Last of all, in what I believe to be “the last days,” it has never been more important that we firmly take a stand on those things that are most important. For example, there are many within the church that have been fooled into believing that God used evolution and that abortion is a “woman's right to choose,” etc. These beliefs are the result of allowing for very broad interpretations of Scripture.

These are my thoughts (for what it is worth). Keep doing what you are doing, my brother!


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