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The Left Is Trying To Stifle Anyone That Does Not Share Their Opinion, A.K.A., Free Speech

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The Left (Democrats and the “MSM”) think we are stupid. They think that they are the purveyors of truth and they think that we need to be protected from anyone and everyone that does not share their idea of “truth.” That is, what they have determined to be “true” (because they are the only ones that can make that determination). That is why they are trying to stifle anyone that does not share their opinion (A.K.A., free speech). They know that if they speak often enough and loudly enough, people will begin to believe that what they are saying is true. This is a tactic that they have perfected over the years and it has worked well for them. And, perhaps to some degree they are right, that is, to some degree we are stupid. The Left knows that they can spin the narrative in such a way that conservatives will not speak up for fear of being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” or for fear that they will “look” ignorant. You see, the Left does not have to actually be intelligent. No, they know that all that is needed is that they speak with authority and confidence and actual truth becomes irrelevant. Conservatives, on the other hand, are constrained by what they know to be true. It's almost like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

There are many examples of this occurring over the years, e.g., the issues of evolution, abortion and even race (not to mention gender identity which is still being ingrained in our thinking). Very briefly, no doubt you are thinking evolution? Abortion? Race? Well, just to use one example, there is only one race. That is the truth. Science does not support the belief that there are multiple races any more than it supports multiple genders (likewise, evolution and abortion...). But the left has always benefited from the belief (and that is all it is, a belief) in multiple races. The practice of slavery was to some degree an outcome of this belief and in fact that is how the theory of evolution (in part) got it's start, along with the eugenics movement and the “acceptance” of abortion. Just one more side note: all of the above (whether they want to accept it or not) is the result of their rejecting God and trying to explain "life" without Him.

So, what is a conservative to do? Well, for many conservatives, they firmly believe in conservative principles but do not have a firm foundation or base to stand on... Kind of like the builder that built his house upon the sand. When the tide comes in, they are easily carried away into the sea. These are good people. They likely believe in God and maybe even attend church but they are not grounded in a relationship with Him. Consequently, while they may believe strongly in conservative principles, they are more concerned about what their peers think of them. For example, they may say that they would never have an abortion but that it is a woman's right to choose. The "silent majority" likely consists primarily of such individuals. The problem is, as long as these "good people" are concerned about being labeled as a "conspiracy theorist" or looking "ignorant" they will continue to be silent and the Left will have accomplished their goal! They want these people to "go along to get along." They want them to continue to be silent because as long as the "silent majority" is silent, they can stifle "all things God."

Again, what is a conservative to do? Conservatives (the silent majority) need to decide what is important. Many just want to live their life and not have to deal with such matters, and many will be able to do just that. But, conservatives need to think about their children and grandchildren. They need to think about the next generation. Just what kind of world do we want for them? Do we want them to have to deal with these issues? Do we want them to live in a world that is void of all things God? Because at some point it will be too late to act, if we remain silent and leave these issues for the next generation to address. The fact is, if we remain silent, the next generation will likely remain silent too. So, what is important? It is important that we show the next generation that there are things in this life that are important enough to take a stand for, important enough to risk being scoffed at, important enough to sacrifice a comfortable life for. We cannot let our children and grandchildren (the next generation) inherit a world void of all things God.

Just wanting to live your life is shallow. It is ignoring the things that are really important. Just wanting to live your life is selfish. Just think what kind of world we would be living in had our parents not been willing to sacrifice their lives during WWII. No doubt they just wanted to live their lives but they did not. They sacrificed and many gave their lives so that we could freely live our lives. We need to make the sacrifice so that the next generation does not have to, we owe it to them. We need to pay it forward. We need to show the next generation that we are willing to sacrifice our lives for them. We need to show them what is really important in life. We need to take a stand and not be silent. We need to stand up for what is right. We need to not be concerned about what anybody thinks, but God. We need to understand that the battle is spiritual.

The older I get the less I care what others think. There are things that are far too important to be concerned about that. I only care about what God thinks. That, is the only thing that is important.


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