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"There is only one race"

Updated: May 15, 2021

One America News Network Published May 11, 2021

RumbleReal America - Dan W/ Host of 'CJ Pearson Uncensored', CJ Pearson

Apparently I am hearing her initial comment out of context. What I hear her say (after shut your @#! mouth) is "I'm not white and your not black. I'm a member of the same race you are." Surely, I am missing something! If that is what she said, I don't have a problem with that specific statement. She is correct, There is only one race (the human race). We are all just different shades of brown. Skin color is no different than eye or hair color... Race is a social construct that has a very long history and now the Democrats are using it to divide us. (That's why her comment took me by surprise). One race is Scriptural and there is no scientific basis to support multiple races.

Following is a response that was received:

"Race is not only about skin color. It's in our dna. Asians usually have slanted eyes, very dark hair, and tend to be short. Blacks often have curly or frizzy hair along with very dark skin. Middle Easterners (iraqis, etc.), other physical traits. Caucasians may have lighter hair and eyes. And the children of all very usually look much like their parents. It's biology. Is this racist? What is racism? In America, it tends to be hatred toward someone of another race, and it's not usually just about skin color. It's much deeper than that."

Following is a reply:

What you are describing are various traits that may be found within people groups, not race. Certain traits are more dominant in one family while less dominant in another. You can think of a people group as a very large family. Because people groups tend to marry within their own group, you can expect that certain traits are going to be more dominant within that group. It is biology but more specifically, it's genetics. Having said that, most scientist will tell you that from a scientific standpoint, there is no such thing as “race.” However, saying that there is no such thing as race is not saying that racism does not exist.


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