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Time in their mind, is all they need.

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Unfortunately, when we look at the geologic record (as we see in the photo below) we are brain washed into thinking that it took millions of years to form. Evolutionist need millions or better yet, billions of years to make evolution "believable." When in reality, no amount of time will accomplish what evolutionist need time to accomplish. However, time in their mind, is all they need. That's why they insist on millions of years for the formation of the geologic record.

As a matter of fact, geologist that are creationist can explain how such geologic formations can develop in a very short period of time. One (non creationist) laboratory recently documented that it was able to form fossils, that resembled real fossils in every way, within about a twenty-four period by creating the right conditions.* Which shows that it does not take millions or even thousands of years for fossils to form. (By the way, not all geologist and biological scientist are evolutionist, there are geologist and biological scientist that are creationist).

Again, geologist that are evolutionist and geologist that are creationist both start with the same set of facts but come to two totally different conclusions. Radiometric dating is typically used to determine how old a fossil is. All living things have carbon-14 as long as it is alive, once it dies, the c-14 begins to decay. Part of the problem is that evolutionist assume that the decay rate of c-14 has always remained the same. So they use today's c-14 decay rate to determine how old a fossil might be. If the decay rate changed at any point since the organism died, the conclusion is false. Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years, in other words 5 grams of c-14 would decay to 2.5 grams after 5,730 years, etc. Some evolutionist are willing to admit that the c-14 decay rate may change in the future (due to things like "global warming," etc.) but they insist that the decay rate has always remained the same in the past!

While rocks do not typically contain c-14, radiometric dating can be used on certain types of rock such as volcanic lava. Again, many assumptions are made that give drastically skewed results. Apparently, if the end result equates to millions of years, evolutionist (whether biological scientist or geologist) are willing to accept it....

*The research, which was supervised by Dr. Jakob Vinther, is described in a paper that was recently published in the journal Paleontology.


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