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YouTube: JC One has "1 Strike"

JC One | July 9, 2021

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JC One has received a "strike" from YouTube officials concerning election fraud videos. The most recent warning labels the video titled "Lawmakers Continue Investigation Into Extensive Evidence Of Widespread Election Fraud" (January 24, 2021) as violating their "spam, deceptive practices and scams policy." This comes after an initial "warning" for posting the Mike Lindell video "Absolute Proof" (February 27, 2021) citing the same policy violations. JC One received the email (below) a day after President Donald J. Trump announced his legal action against "Big Tech Companies Over Censorship." (The lawsuit names Google, Facebook and Twitter as defendants.) JC One's YouTube "strike" expires October 6, 2021.

JCOne.org endeavors to share news and political articles that are of interest to Christians/conservatives that news outlets spin or ignore completely. (We also post articles on science/tech, faith, inspiration and opinion articles as well as sponsoring the Bible On The Go website and Bible On The Go on Rumble). While JC One promotes Christian/conservative values by sharing related videos, we do not typically share original content videos (with the exception of our audio/visual media which allow readers to listen to and follow along while reading printed articles that we post on jcone.org. We also provide audio/visual media that allow readers to listen to and follow along while reading Scripture).

JC One has had a presence on YouTube primarily to store our content (while sharing it on YouTube). We also store Bible On The Go Audio/visual media on YouTube (making it available to YouTube subscribers as well). While we have been in the process of migrating our content from YouTube to Rumble, YouTube offers some features that we are currently dependent on. For this reason (and because we do not want to jeopardize Bible On The Go on YouTube at this time) we have deleted our JC One channel on YouTube (as is the case with our Facebook and Twitter accounts). We anticipate breaking all ties with YouTube in the future, hopefully on our terms. However, we anticipate that Scripture will at some point will be in violation of YouTube policies.

That is why we all have to take a stand. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., have all become so woven into our society and our personal lives that it is hard to imagine anything different. (In addition to "big Tech" violating our freedom of speech via censorship, we have to stand up to large "woke" corporations that insist on preaching their woke ideologies to consumers). It will not happen overnight but we have to begin somewhere! There are many social media alternatives such as Rumble instead of YouTube.... Make small changes (or big changes if possible) but we all have to do something. We will likely never change big tech or some of the large woke corporations any more than we will change the "main stream media" but, we do not have to support their censorship, their "wokeness" or their spin on the truth!

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